The Theses Thesis 4: The Theses As Thesis 4 (The Theses The Thesis) (Volume 4)

 The Theses Thesis 4: The Theses as Thesis 4 (The Theses The Thesis) (Volume 4) PDF Text fb2 book

There are four phenomena in the Universe Newtonian science could never explain. I dissected the working of the phenomena. I found that the four forms a unit and the combination produce gravity. No academic in powerful positions wishes to have tier Academic work trashed. If I can reach students by the mass media and make them see the truth about mass and Newtonian corruption before the academic mac...

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A real loss for readers expecting to put a face on the author. It is much more than a collection of shredding licks, it helps you understand what's going on and create your own stuff. But, first guesses may be wrong. Definitely looking forward to the next adventure. book The Theses Thesis 4: The Theses As Thesis 4 (The Theses The Thesis) (Volume 4) Pdf Epub. I am sorry if that offends anyone, but when the people themselves go to another state to spend their money and have a good time, your area is desolate and offers little in the way of entertainment that even you would want to partake in. But when the seventeen-year-old girl from the comfortable home started adopting some of the attitudes of the black jazz musician, the lessons of centuries of class and gender indoctrination were dumped in the trash along with the pink plastic curlers. The book is structured in the way that I first give my personal story and then I elaborate on the strategy and the lesson from that story. She took it personal and was humiliated. Written before his meteoric rise as Illinois senator and Democratic party leader, Obama, the son of a black African father and white American mother, discusses his divided ancestry and his place in America's racial society, analyzing the quest for his own racial identity. Though "colored rest rooms, water fountains, colored set to the rear (buses)" are not longer with us, racism is still rampant, often sophisticated and covert. otherwise it is an exciting, intense book with violence, horror, wells, and shooting. She has also written fiction novels and short stories, puzzles, and activities.
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ashes the students, I will succeed. Academics then must start to prove Newtonian incorrectness because people will see the fraud in physics. Mass puts distinction. Galileo took out distinction when he proved all objects fall equally. At present when any student insists on proof about mass that produces gravity they flunked their test and is shown away from Universities. By reaching students via this book and getting them to insist on proof about mass that is producing gravity, I can defeat those academics trying to dig my grave. I am introducing a totally new concept in terms of gravity, the proof I bring is true about gravity being formed as a result of these following phenomena. In the past science hardly recognised the existence of such phenomena although they are known to science for centuries. 1) The Lagrangian system 2) The Roche limit 3) The Titius Bode law 4) The Coanda affect. I found the manner in which to interpret Kepler’s formula as a3 = kT2 and I found that when dealing with Kepler’s formula, we should not see a3 as space but we should see singularity being positioned in space in relation to singularity forming relevancies. Doing that placed me in the position to discover what gravity is and how gravity operates to form the Universe. By placing P in relation to gravity I manage to find an explanation for the four cosmic phenomena. Everything that has anything to do with gravity forms a circle albeit that it is called the curvature of space-time or gravity bending light or forming a round galactica, the connecting factor is gravity which implements P. Gravity or another name used to call gravity would be time is running on the measure of P and every aspect of cosmology integrates P as the basic concept on which cosmology is founded. Because my views do not echo the commendable praise attributed to the greatness by which Newton is commemorated, my work is purposely and very much wilfully poorly received in the world of physics and astrophysics and by that I find very little willingness in any understanding shown in the ranks of Newtonian science. This work contains ideas about the introducing of a totally new concept on explaining for the first time ever the working principles of gravity, a matter that eluded Newton no less. I decided to offer four books that introduce the explaining of these concepts in e-book format. This method of publishing rests totally on a financial basis. I tried to introduce the four phenomena as a concept by using a web page but found such introduction is far too comprehensive in having just too many and numerously wide ranging facts that form the complete picture as a whole to be comprehensibly appreciable, and therefore on account of that realisation that I was unable to include a full introduction in a space as small as that which a web page will allow, it gave me the idea of introducing this new concept via electronic publishing. As my other books I sell by printing are all hundreds to thousands of Mega Bites of information, I had to revise the layout where each is to have fewer than twenty mega bites. This motivated me to only introduce the concepts in producing small books that then could be sold via the electronic publishing media as to allow persons to first acquaint themselves about the viability of the concepts and the feasibility of this new approach I introduce. If any person shows interest in finding out more about any of the books, please click on the book of interest and discover something in science no one yet has ever heard about.